We are following the recommended COVID19 guidelines, however, our staff will still be receiving your calls and emails. After serving 27 years as Chapter 13 Trustee, Kristin Hurst has decided to retire. Our office will miss Ms. DeLoach to replace Ms. Hurst as trustee. This change will not affect the administration of your Chapter 13 plan. Our payment address and contact information will remain the same. These delivery methods will cause delays in the processing of your payment, and may result in the mail being returned to you, undelivered.

If you are under a payment deadline, you should contact your attorney for assistance. No matter what method of payment is used, you should always keep your receipts. You should also verify each month that all payments sent by you, or your employer, have been correctly posted to your case. You may do this by visiting the National Data Center. Due to potential mistakes inherent in the handling of mailed payments, this is the only way to be sure that your payments have been properly applied to your case each month.

If your case shows that it is confirmed on our system, you may be able to make your payment using our ePay Online Payment Program. Debtors who use the NDC to track their case are more likely to successfully complete it.

The mission of this Office is to assist and maintain Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filings as required by the U.

Should I File Bankruptcy? - Chapter 13 Update - My Debt Story

Trustee, to include debtors, creditors, attorneys and the judiciary system. We are responsible for the effective and efficient management of all monies received throughout the duration of the bankruptcy, including accurate and timely repayment to creditors.

We strive to provide dedicated and professional service to meet customer satisfaction in a dependable and consistent manner. Standing Trustees are committed to excellence and to providing a high level of trust and service to chapter 13 debtors and creditors.

Creditors, debtors, attorneys, judges and others who come into contact with Standing Trustees are entitled to service which adheres to the highest standards of professional, moral and ethical conduct. Box Atlanta, GA For best service, please send all payments to this address. Our office is closed We are following the recommended COVID19 guidelines, however, our staff will still be receiving your calls and emails.

To have your payment post to your case on the next business day click HERE. Epay Online. Find out more. Online Case Access. Mission Statement The mission of this Office is to assist and maintain Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filings as required by the U. Pledge of Excellence Standing Trustees are committed to excellence and to providing a high level of trust and service to chapter 13 debtors and creditors.

The trustee's office should be open and operating Monday through Friday during regular business hours. The trustee should have a system in place to promptly respond in a meaningful manner to inquiries from debtors, creditors, attorneys, and other interested parties. If the trustee is not personally available, the trustee should have competent staff available to assist or to respond to inquiries. The trustee should work to ensure that debtors comply with their obligations under the Bankruptcy Code and Rules.

The trustee should work to ensure that debtors comply with the provisions of their plan and should take appropriate action if the debtor fails to commence plan payments when required or if there is a subsequent default in plan performance.

The trustee should maintain a system which efficiently tracks the progress and the receipts and disbursements in every chapter 13 case, from the time it is filed until the case is closed. The trustee should have a system to timely and accurately record all receipts and disbursements on the appropriate debtor ledger.If you have questions please click on this link for the. If the Quick Reference Guide or the FAQ do not answer your questions, please refer to the ePay detailed instructions or send an email to "epayquestions tampa Please see the following link on the Terms and Conditions of ePay.

Do I have to use the Online Payment System every month? I have forgotten my password. How do I get a new one? I have forgotten my username. How do I get it? Can I schedule payments in advance, or set up recurring payments? How soon will the payment be taken from my account and be posted to my bankruptcy case?

Will I receive a receipt upon making a payment? Why are not all my payments listed in the Payment History? If my case has been dismissed or converted, can I use the Online Payment System to start making payments again if instructed by my attorney? What is the difference between ePay and the automatic debit program?

What is my Online Payment ID? Your Online Payment ID is an 11 digit number consisting of your case number and the last 4 digits of your social security number. Do not use any dashes. You can continue to send us a Cashier's Check or Money Order to the lockbox. However, once you have registered for the Online Payment System, you have the option each month of using the Online Payment System or sending Cashier's Checks or Money Orders - whichever payment method is most convenient for you.

You will only need to input this ID number the first time you register, but it is a good idea to remember this number in case you have issues in the future with the payment center. Once you have registered, you will need to use the User ID and password you created in order to log in, so be sure to remember that information.

Username and Password Requirements? The username must be at least 6 characters long You can also use your email address as your username. The password must be at least 7 characters long, but no more than 20, and must contain at least one number. Please make sure to write the informationdown, so you do not encounter a problem logging in.

The new page will ask you to input your Username and the system will send you a new password to the email address you registered with. Once you get that new password and enter the site, you can go to settings and change your password to one of your choice.

The new page will ask you to input your online payment ID and your email address.The Office of Melissa J. Homer Drake, Jr. You must provide copies of your photo identification, proof of your social security number and your last filed tax return to us prior to the scheduled hearing via your attorney or we will not be able to conduct your hearing. Click here for further information. Please be advised that our office is NOT open to the public.

If you need information about your case, please contact your attorney as we are unable to give you legal advice.

chapter 13 trustee payments online weiner

For administrative questions, our customer service phone lines are open during the hours of 11 am — 3 pm. Plan payments made be paid online through this link Online Payments.

You may also mail a check or money order indicating your name and case number to the below address. DebtorTaxes 13trusteeatlanta. Please ensure all pertinent information is properly redacted from the Tax Return form. Your email may be rejected otherwise. Also please have all Tax Forms submitted AT LEAST one week prior to the scheduled meeting and do not submit any through this email once the scheduled has been held.

Make Payments. Online Payment with 53 Bank - Secure. Submit Your Documents On Time. With 13 documents you can submit all your case s documents in a fast and secure way. Access Your Case Online. Support for Online Services Click here.

If you have any questions our online services please contact us. To Top.We are following the recommended COVID19 guidelines, however, our staff will still be receiving your calls and emails. On the login page of the Online Payment Center, click on the link that says "Forgotten your Password? You will then be prompted to input your Username and the system will send you a new password.

Once you get that new password and enter the site, you can go to settings and change your password to one of your choice. Your Online Payment ID is an digit number consisting of your case number and the last 4 digits of your social security number. Do not use any dashes. If you cannot afford to make the full monthly payment owed at one time, you may make several smaller payments throughout the month. However, please keep in mind that this does not affect the due date for your payments.

Even though you have the ability to make smaller payments throughout the month, the full amount of your payment is still due on your payment due date. This Processing Fee covers the cost to our bank for providing this service to debtors.

The Trustee does not receive this money. There are several reasons why your online payment account may become locked. The Trustee reserves the right to lock your account and prevent a debtor from making payments online. The main reasons why the Trustee would lock an account include: A Non-Sufficient Funds payment NSFan online payment returned for any other reason, or your case has been Converted or Dismissed.

If your account has been locked and you are still required to make payments, please send Cashier's Checks or Money Orders to the lockbox.

Online Payments

If your ePay account is locked for reasons other than those listed here, please contact us at during regular business hours for further assistance. The Online Payment Center will store the five most recent accounts used and you will be able to choose one from the "Previously Used" dropdown menu. Until your case has been reopened, please send Cashier's Checks or Money Orders to the lockbox. If your case is reopened, your Online Payment account will be unlocked.

If the account remains locked even after your case has been reopened, please contact us so we can unlock the account.

This is an instant payment system, in conjunction with our bank, to provide a verifiable, trustworthy, and more convenient payment option.

chapter 13 trustee payments online weiner

In order to use this payment system, you must have an internet connectionknow your Case Number and last four digits of your Social Security numbera Checking or Savings Accountand a valid current e-mail address.

Click on the Register Now button. This will direct you to the ePay Online Payment Center so you may begin the registration process. Please fill out the registration page and click Next when done. The next page will ask you for your Online Payment ID. This ID number consists of your case number without dashes and the last four digits of your Social Security number. The next page will provide you one last opportunity to verify your information before submitting.

Click Submit Registration if your information is correct. Log in and begin by choosing the amount to pay. You will have the choice of making your Current Monthly Payment or an Other amount.

Our office is closed

Next, key in your Checking or Savings Account information and select what type of account it is. If you are unsure of your Checking or Savings Routing and Account numbers, please click on the image button to the right of the Routing number field to see an example.

The deposit slip Routing number is typically different from the Routing number associated with the Checking account. Click Submit Payment once your payment information has been input. For questions or help, you may e-mail us at epayquestions ch13trustee.

You authorize any financial institution through which any such debit entries are processed to use any data you provide to process these debit entries, and consent to that data being sent outside of the United States in connection with such processing and any related activities.Debtors should call and follow the prompts.

Questions regarding phone payments should be directed to Jamie Swenson Ext Debtors utilizing ePay are much more likely to complete their Chapter 13 plans and the Trustee encourages enrollment in automatic ePay withdrawals. Please review the ePay section on our FAQ page prior to contacting our office with questions.

If you continue to have problems with the ePay system, contact Jamie Swenson Ext The Trustee no longer offers ACH payment services for new cases.

Automatic Wage Assignment A wage order allows you to make automatic monthly payments directly from your wages. As with ePay, debtors utilizing wage orders are much more likely to complete their Chapter 13 plans.

A wage order can be sent to the Trustee at any time, but will only commence following plan confirmation. Personal checks are not accepted and will be returned to you and may result in you falling behind on your payments to the Trustee. Envelopes must have correct postage and addresses on envelopes must either be printed or written legibly to ensure delivery. If any errors or inaccuracies are found, please contact the National Data Center to report the error. Kyle L. Payment Options The Trustee does not accept personal checks or bill-pay.

Your first payment is due within 30 days of the date you filed your bankruptcy case. Payments must be made monthly including prior to confirmation of your plan. Office of Trustee Kyle L. An annual report of receipts and disbursements will be sent to debtors for review. If any errors are found in this report, debtors should notify the Trustee and their attorney immediately. Carlson This website is for informational purposes only.

The information on this site is not intended to provide legal advice, nor does the use of this website create an attorney-client relationship.Plan payments are due by the 22nd of the month. The following payment options are available:. Payroll Deduction. Making Payments Online. Making Payments by Phone. Making Payments by MoneyGram. Mailing Payments. If you have an employer and want your employer to send your payment, you may request payroll deduction. You MUST have a checking or savings account.

Make a one time payment or make all your payments online using Chapter 13 ePay. Schedule date and amount of each payment to be paid from your checking or savings account. Save the cost of purchasing money orders or cashier's check.

Stop paying overnight mailing prices to ensure your payment arrives on time. Call and follow the voice prompts. Have your case number and bank information ready to input on the keypad. This is a menu-driven system. Create a MoneyGram account and obtain a MoneyGram code at www. A bank account is not necessary to use MoneyGram. Payments can be made with cash. Payments can be made with cash or debit card at Walmart locations. Once your payment is made, it can be tracked but takes business days to be posted to your Chapter 13 case.

Chicago, IL Attn: Lockbox Oak Lawn, IL Payroll Deduction:. Making Payments Online:. Pay Online.On the face of it Derby "are weaker than last time around with Will Hughes among those to have left", says the Guardian. But that pressure may at least explain why, according to Ian Whittell of The Times, "the longevity of Championship-level managers is down there with First World War fighter pilots".

chapter 13 trustee payments online weiner

Mick McCarthy of Ipswich is the longest serving manager in the Championship and will celebrate his fifth anniversary at Portman Road if he survives until November. Aside from Nuno Espirito Santo at Wolves, the most intriguing managerial appointment of the summer must be former Russia boss Leon Slutsky at Hull.

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The Week incorporates The First Post. Blackburn Rovers relegated as Venky's nightmare continuesAdvertisementSign up for our daily newsletterNewsletter CloseRead more: FootballMiddlesbroughAdvertisementAdvertisement You are here:HomeChampionshipChampionship betting preview: Who will challenge Boro and Villa.

Messi: the rivalry, statistics, goals and awardsFootballWhat is the Rooney Rule and why have EFL clubs adopted it. Liverpool transfer newsPhilippe Coutinho unsure of Liverpool futurePremier LeagueMan Utd vs. BusinessCan you spot which item has been stolen. Are you looking for the perfect venue to host your Christmas party. Blues Network Business Breakfast with HSBC, sponsored by A2B Radio Cars, is another triumph'Events' patrons added to the Blues Network Business ClubVisit us: Birmingham City Football Club plc, St.

Helpful Information Online Ticket Store Ticketing Guide New to St. Stadium Plan Ground Regulations BLUESTV Latest Videos Match Highlights Important Information BluesTV - Sign up now.

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Has a low round in him and not going to get better odds on him now.

chapter 13 trustee payments online weiner

Is one under par and very much in the hunt.

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